Eva Kendi Wanene is a pretty, friendly and servant co-founder of Drawing Dream Initiative, a 3rd year student at Egerton University pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Agribusiness Management. She loves voluntary work, cycling and travelling.

To support Kendi, through her journey to #missuniversitykenya2016 to be crowned on September 9th, send L4 to 22576. Each vote counts!


Have you always been miss something all your life?

I started participating in beauty pageants in 2013 where I did Miss Corporate Kenya. I was crowned Miss Corporate Lakipia County and 1st runners up Miss Corporate World Kenya 2014/2015. Miss Egerton University 2015/2016, currently representing Egerton University for Mr and Miss University Kenya 2016/2017 in the upcoming beauty pageant on September.

What’s Drawing Dreams Initiative all about?

Drawing Dreams Initiative is a community based organization founded in August 2015 and officially launched in January 2016 working in Laikipia (means treeless plain) County.


Why Laikipia County, and what exactly do you guys do?              

Laikipia is multi-cultural county hosting various ethnic groups with the majority being the Kenyan nomadic tribes. Population of 399,227; 49.8% Male and 50.2 % Female (2009 Census). It is also very scenic and home to the big five and the rare gravy’s zebra. This initiative was put in to mitigate various challenges in this community. We campaign against and creating awareness on the impacts of Female Genital Mutilation, early child marriages in Laikipia county.

We carry out life skills empowerment and mentorship programs in primary and secondary schools using peer to peer education methodology.

We foster wildlife and environmental conservation awareness through a kids color book (lets go wild).


We also have Youth talent management and development for social and economic development.

What have you achieved along the lines of beauty pageantry?

Through our initiative, Drawing Dreams Initiative I intend to reach out to many kids in the society be a motivation to them and a living example of all dreams are valid. Our initiative is an epitome of hope and success to the young generation whereby

Our vision is to establish a world in which every child has the opportunity to achieve his/her fullest potential in and contribute to all aspects of life.


Enlighten us more on Mr. & Ms. University Kenya that’s coming up?

Mr. and miss university Kenya is a beauty pageant which aims at preaching peace love and unity . It’s a forum whereby all contestants get to campaign for different social awareness and problems in the society. It brings together all university representatives e.g. Mr. and Miss Egerton, which encourages team building and provides networking forum for all participants, establishment of self-confidence and esteem. The participants’ duty is to learn and implement each lesson and share it to the society as well.

How easy is it to be a beauty queen?

Being a beauty queen calls for service to the people. It needs a pure heart and soul and goodness of actions and deeds. It’s all about what impact one has to the society no matter how small it is. We all should learn to live to impact and not to impress God being the limelight of all our plans and journey. Although the modelling industry in our society today has totally declined which is a major challenge.