In a move that must be applauded as striking and respectable, rappers Lil’ Wayne, Rick Ross, Kendrick Lamar and Jay-Z (in uncommon structure) showed backing of Nicki Minaj’s “Boa constrictor” collection spread, by posturing provocatively themselves. “Bitches shouldn’t be distant from everyone else in uncovering their bodies for the sake of hip-jump,” said Lil’ Wayne.



“I’m diminished that such a variety of male rappers are overcome enough to demonstrate their skin without sympathy toward having their manliness addressed, yet I’m significantly more excited to live in this present reality where my young child can have male good examples who are not hesitant to exposed everything both truly and metaphorically.” said Chuck Creekmur of, “I trust female rappers like Nicki Minaj are taking notes about how to get stripped for a positive reason.”


Kendrick Lamar made an unpretentious sprinkle for advancement by asking for a dull cleaned dark young lady to be the lead in his “Beautiful Justice” music feature. “This time, I needed to show niggas that you can make it out of Compton AND rock a pink G-string. It’s all hood,” Kendrick proclaimed.


Jay-Z’s interest may come as a shock to some; however Beyonce’s most recent self-titled collection, where Jay-Z is emphasized noticeably, is emphatic in its declarations of women’s liberation. When we asked Jay-Z why he felt it was essential to remained by Nicki, he reacted, “Goodness, this was for Nicki?”


We at Tea & Breakfast are particularly energized for this new pattern of male hypersexualization in hip-jump. If its not too much trouble demonstrate your backing for this pattern by imparting this story to a companion; don’t let their exertions go unnoticed.