Kendrick Lamar Versus Kanye West


The beginning of 2016 has seen the American music industry indulge the world with unforgettable drama particularly in the black related music. One of the most outstanding events was the release of Kanye wests’ music album. The album is claimed not to be album of the year but album of a lifetime.

The much-awaited The Life of Pablo music album brought feuds on twitter; a Saturday night live appearance that nearly never happened and a fashion show at Madison square Gardens with the entire Kardashian clan.


This album is seen to be the most marketed hip-hop album of all time. With Kanye constantly re-writing lyrics tweaking production, TLOP is barely out yet and Kanye already has to watch his back. This is because, another album that fans were eagerly waiting for this year, is out already out, just a month apart from TLOP release.


Untitled Unmastered is the name of Kanye’s music rival, Kendrick Lamar’s album. As the title suggests, this looks like one of those that is still cooking. Unlike Kanye west, Kendrick has gone public from the word go. On the 3rd of March 2016, Kendrick performed two of his songs from the album. Lamar performed “untitled 03 | 05.28.2013.” and “untitled 08 | 09.06.2014.” on Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Fallon, respectively.

Lamar confirmed that these are indeed demos from To Pimp a Butterfly recording sessions. The two albums couldn’t be more different: TLOP is an evaluation of fame and Kanye’s own self-importance; Lamar’s, is a study of race and black America. Where West comes across as out of touch with everything and everyone but himself, Lamar is channeling his to the joys and struggles of being black in a white man’s land.

Both are great artists but why not let each other’s star shine for a just a minute. Many are wondering what prompted Kendrick to release his album when he clearly knew that Kanye had just released his.

We respect Kendrick and his music. We love him as fans and admirers of his great mind and his campaign on making the world understand that being black does matter but we expect him to be the bigger person and not try and fight for a position with kanye west. Their awards will speak for their musical efforts but he should strive to leave all the drama to Kanye west.

Lamar’s album fluidly explores decades of funk, jazz, and spoken-word music. This means that his music is getting bigger and better by the day. If he had waited until all the Kanye West hype had gone down, then he would have had the spotlight on him instead of starting to prove who is bigger between him and Kanye.  We are saddened because this might be his start to a fall down the hill of failure but we know Kendrick will wake up from his nightmare and start dreaming again, and not just dreaming but dreaming wise.

Who do you prefer? Kanye or Kendrick? Let us know.