Many young guys and girls s in campus are excited by the thought of modelling. The attention, makeup, dresses ad fancy lifestyle that comes with it. However, landing that role doesn’t come as easy as many think.

Edward Nyanaro from 254 Talent Management, a singer, actor and model spoke to us about how young men and women can make it in the modelling industry in Kenya.

He explained how modelling is an art of promoting advertising and therefore there is much more to it than meets the eye. Being s model, you must be prepared not to own your life, you will be a public figure.

Types of Modelling

Commercial model – Here you are marketing a product.

Runway model –┬áThis type of model is at an advantage as they can also do commercial modelling.


How to Be Noticed

  1. Photo-shoots: This are the most important thing any model should have. Invest in a good photo-shoot where you can carry your best outfits. Have about 10 different looks as these will add up to your portfolio. They should preferably be against a white background.


2. Social media: have ┬ápositive message that you are pushing on your social media. Brands will now want to work with someone who is not appealing or ‘ratchet’.

3. Standards: the modelling business is very tricky as all sort of offers and opportunities approach you. It is therefore important not to sleep with people to get a job. The modelling industry is small and so the word will spread.

4. Agencies: No matter how honest you may be, other companies will not be as principled as you. It is then important to get the right agency to represent you. An agency will also bargain with you on your behalf to make sure you get the best deals.


5. Confidence: How you carry yourself during auditions is important. You must come off as a confident person for the brand to be sure you can represent their brand.

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6. Brand knowledge: when going for an audition, it is important to have brand knowledge of the product you are auditioning for.

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