KENYA NI YETU!! The Top 5 Patriotic Songs

Music is uplifting, inspirational and mostly influential. As we draw nearer to the elections, there is nothing more important than keeping the peace. Kenyan artists are going a long way to unite Kenyans and encourage them to love one another regardless of different ethnic backgrounds. Here are a few songs to keep in mind during this election period.

  • Kenyan Message- MDQ

Well, this one doesn’t exactly preach peace but it preaches consciousness. MDQ reminds Kenyans thing that they, that she has gone through due to poor governance and satirizes Kenya’s leadership deeply yet objectively.

  • Gitumi- Harry Kimani ft. Chiwawa

This one was released just recently. Harry Kimani’s vocal prowess is impressive as usual in this song where he sings the chorus in Kikuyu urging people to see the good and beauty in our country as opposed to hate and differences. Chiwawa adds his rap which is in Swahili encouraging unity and togetherness.

  • Different Colours- Eric Omondi

Eric’s parodies will always leave you laughing but this is one of those things lined with humor and a serious message at the same time. Kenya is a country that holds people of different tribes and colour, but we are still one people.

  • Think- H_art the Band

Most of this song is spoken word but the message from the trio is not exactly peace but to think before you vote for whoever you do. The song which is a call to consciousness for all Kenyans reveals a different side of the band.

  • Our National Anthem

Our good old yet very beautiful anthem should be a reminder to remain united in peace.

“ …Na tukae na udugu, Amani na uhuru, raha tupate na ustawi.”


Do you know any other patriotic songs? Tell us below. 

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