Kenya Vs China Ties becoming mayhem

Kenya found a new love in this new millennium. The china government has been recorded to be the new love, Kenya has if everything is to go by. We have had ties for quite sometime.

Chinese have been one of the countries that has been helping Kenya as far as donor funds and loans are concerned. Kenya has extended the help to even have Kenyans gone for higher education in the country.

Chinese are accused of taking advantage of Kenyans who have for long been viewed as a friend. The Chinese government have facilitated Kenyans with immense development.

We can take note of the Thika Super Highway that has tried to ease the Thika road traffic. Many roads in the country look fabulous with the loans that were granted by the Chinese.

The SGR project was also realized through the funds generated from China. The railway has been a challenge to many since few Kenyans are benefitting from the project.

China is alleged to be controlling the SGR, making it hard for the local mwananchi to benefit. They seem to have taken over the  economy of the country within a short period.

They were about also to take over the Mitumba business in Gikomba, a move that led many traders in Gikomba to demonstrate. They were pulled out of the market eventually giving a heart of relief to local traders.

Some people have also alleged that they are still using locals to sell their products in markets. We have Chinese in every sector of our economy something that needs to be revisited.

China has maintained bilateral relationships with Kenya. We seem to be under the colony of China even after coming out strongly from the British colonial government.

A video that caught many Kenyans in the glues was the video of a Chinese chef caning a Kenyan worker in the Chinese restaurant. This was quite unbearable for many.

The video led to the arrest of four Chinese natives who are in the country. They were running the business illegally since all of them have no work permits to run businesses in Kenya.

On the other hand one would really wonder, what led to Kenyans to accept to be treated as less citizens in their own country. The Kenyans in the hotel seems to have adapted to the colonial rule.

Imagine being caned in primary school and again moving to High school, you got teachers who kept you on toes on matters discipline and again at your work place, somebody beats you up.

It’s quite absurd and unacceptable for people to undergo such even if Kenya’s economy is dwindling. We need to regain our self love and patriotism by doing what is expected of us.

Kenyans need to stand and appreciate their personalities in all dimensions of their careers. The Chinese seems to be taking too much from us as we remain silent.

They might have funded us with collateral attachments but that doesn’t give them a right to mistreat us or even take advantage of us. We need to shun neo-colonialism in the country or else we shall miss it.


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