The government has withdrawn Cuban doctors deployed to work in Garissa and Wajir counties as the search for two Cuban doctors abducted in Mandera intensifies.

The decision to withdraw the doctors is as a result of insecurity in the regions with calls for anyone with information that would lead to the rescue of the doctors intensifying.

The Cuban doctors working in Garissa and Wajir left for Nairobi yesterday, as the search for their colleagues intensified.

Security within Mandera remains right as security personnel seek information that could lead to the rescue of the two Cuban doctors abducted on Friday morning in the town.

Police spokesman Charles Owino said the National Security Advisory Committee reviewed the operational status on the kidnapping of Dr Herrera Correa and Dr Landy Rodriguez.

The abduction of the two Cuban doctors has left fear among the doctors and they now want security to be beefed up in health facilities to ensure their security is guaranteed.

Garissa Deputy Governor Abdi Dagane Muhumed said they have had concerns about the security of the Cuban doctors. He said they have had to make regular changes on their security, including moving them to different houses.

They also have had to increase bodyguards to escort the doctors, Mr Muhumed said.