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Kenyan Boychild Lands An Anthem; F*kboy – WATCH HERE!


This year we have seen many Kenyan upcoming artists get more creative by coming up with songs about the current trending topics.

It’s a trend that has seen some upcoming artists blow up to fame but really backfired on the bigger names in the game that have tried it.

I’m talking about the likes of ‘Lamba Lolo’ by Umoja based youngsters, ‘Pewa Lolo’ female version and now it seems we have ourselves yet another new anthem, ‘Fuck boy’.

‘Fuck boy’ is a song meant to expose playboys who in most case are actually ‘rich kid’ wanna be’s. Rico Gang who does the hook and the first verse high lights some of the common playboy characters among them how the dress, the lies they tell their victims and even states that most of them live in bedsitters around the Thika Road mall.

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Most guys seemed to rock with Swat’s verse on the ‘Lamba Lolo’ hit and on this one, many seem to be feeling Rico Gang’s vibe. The song which was released two days ago stands at 14K views on YouTube as of now but the hype around it seems to be building up day by day.

Check it out in the link below;