A Kenyan film on a mythical place in between life and the afterlife, has been submitted for next year’s 90th Academy Awards (Oscars) in the Best Foreign Language Film Award.

KatiKati is one of the two entries that the Oscars Selection Committee Kenya received, the other one being Kidnapped, a film about a jilted lover’s revenge.

According to the committee, the category of Best Foreign Language Film requires that the film must be predominantly in a language or languages other than English, a criteria which ‘Kidnapped’ failed to meet.

Although the main discourse in Kati Kati is delivered in English, the film met all the requirements on the checklist since it has substantial amounts of Swahili, Sheng and splashes of vernacular.

This Entry of Kati Kati is only the first step in a series of stages that the movie has to undergo before being nominated. The nominees for the 90th Academy Awards will be announced by the Academy on January 23, 2018.