So, yesterday I witnessed a huge injustice occur that I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy.
My friend, Tim and I had just left the National Theater to watch a show and were homeward bound. It was around 9pm and being  the gentleman he is, he escorted me to my bus stop first at Gill House next to ROG.

As we stood there discussing the quality of the play we just watched, suddenly a man in civilian clothes grabbed him from behind. We were both dumbfounded and confused by what was happening. A short stubby man wearing a black cap, then skipped me and moved to the young fellow next to me and grabbed him as well. He then handcuffed them together.

I stood there in total confusion for a minute but when I came to, I followed them to a dark alley and confidently asked the “so called” police officer what the arrests were for. By this time, a second officer wearing a light brown coat had joined us with two more young men. He stared at me in an attempt to intimidate me but I stood my ground and asked over and over again,

“Mbona umemshika??”

He got rude and that’s where my womanly hormonal anger kicked in. I told him things I am actually surprised came out of my mouth. In the meantime, some touts came over and greeted these “honourable” officers after which some of their own were released.

So, I caught the drift!! My friend Tim with a soft spoken voice asked this man what he wanted. He spoke about going to court and getting a 10k fine. In my mind the question “for what??” Kept recurring like a broken record.

One of the touts whispered to me, “Madam apo lazima mtoe punch”.

My anger heightened. My feet were swollen, my shoes worn out because of the hustle and some bastard wanted me to freely give him 500 shillings from my empty pockets??  You have to be kidding me!!!!!

The officers moved the fellows again from one alley to an even darker alley which I’m guessing was to cover their activities.
They kept avoiding my questions and speaking rudely and trying to intimidate me, but I stood my ground.  Unfortunately,  Tim had to part with a thousand shillings which angered me into yelling at the officer. I told him he would pay and that God would judge him. He was very afraid and as he un-cuffed Tim, he asked, with a scared voice whether I was okay and meant what I said.
I did mean what I said!
I believe I shall get justice one way or another.
We left heavyhearted. Simple broke people that have been tarmacking all day in the scorching Nairobi sun only to be ripped off by greedy grown ass police officers that misuse the power of the handcuffs.
I kept wondering how many people especially helpless students  have been oppressed by such sick intimidation and acts of greed. We were busy minding our own business when a police officer, not even sure if he was as we never saw any identification, decided to make money from us. This can be a very traumatizing and scary experience that nobody needs to go through just for an officer to make some extra shillings.

This is wrong and should stop! Although these are third world problems, I believe there is a day when such injustices will not exist.
So help me, we shall get justice.

Have you ever had such an experience? Tell us about it below.