Kenyan Politicians that made news in 2019

The Kenyan politicians have always made moves that have made the Kenyans to either to love them or loathe them. 2019 was a year like any other and politicians brought humor as well as love this year.

Here are five politicians that made it to top 5 list.

  1. Kirinyaga Governor- Honorable Ann Waiguru

The Kirinyaga governor made the news after being one of the top leaders who had their weddings this year. She got married to her long friend Kamotho, bidding goodbye to bachelorette hood. Her wedding was attended by the President and the Opposition leader Raila Odinga among other top leaders making her to be one of the phenomenon politicians that made a move.

2. Nairobi Governor – Hon Mike Mbuvi Sonko

The governor of Nairobi has all through made news making his name to appear in every situation. He has been proclaimed as the king of drama. In 2019, the governor made memorable activities from posting his video of worship experience at the expense of having alcoholic beverage on the table.

He also had a feud with Nairobi counterpart Women Rep that led him to post a phone call that the women claimed to have been edited to soot the governors side.

Recently his arrest also caught the eyes of citizens as he made shouts at the flying squad officers that arrested him. He becomes the third governor  to be barred from accessing his office. He is facing corruption charges.

3. Kiambu Governor- Hon. Ferdinand Waititu

Baba Yao as many know him , the governor has remain to be at logger heads with the government. The governor had a year 2019 full of arrest of his whole family. His wife and daughter were arrested along side him in a case against corruption.

He became the second governor to be barred from office. A move that made his deputy governor to run the county government firing all people who were accused to be corrupt in the office.

He is a man that made the news in our political scenes this year.

4. Embakasi East – Hon. Babu Owino

The young parliamentarian has not only made waves in the political scenes but he has also stood with comrades. He has openly come out to tackle CS. Matiang’i on issues to do with betting. A move that was backed by many youths in the country who were addicted to betting.

Hon Babu Owino also alleged that HELB should not harass loan defaulters and have called the President to write off the debts of loan defaulters claiming majority have know money to repay the money since unemployment has overwhelmed them.

5. Nairobi Women Representative- Hon. Esther Passaris

The women rep has been in the news in matters of defending women. Her beauty has landed her in the hands of men who have tried to mishandle her. She was first accused by Governor Sonko of conning her money , a move that was investigated and found that she is innocent.

She has also been video-graphed in parliament carrying a thermos to parliament a move that made the majority leader n parliament to bring it to public attention. She has remained cool, calm and collected in all scenarios.

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