Kenyan Queens Rocking Short Hair Do’s


    Cutting your hair short has never been the easiest decision for any woman but a few of the Kenyan celebrities are showing us that you can still look flawless, fierce and fun with the short hair style.

    Here is a list of a few of those who have made short hair become a trend in the Kenyan scene.

    1. Wahu Kagwi.

    Mama T is taking it easy today 😌 enjoy ur evening!

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    Mrs nameless is among the first celebrities to come out bold and confident with the short hair look. Wahu has either been cutting it down on dyeing it up and she still looks flawless. The hairstyle brings out her fierceness and funky side.

    1. Patricia Kihoro.

    Michael Soi blessed me sana! His bags are everything! And then some!

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    We all knew Patricia from TPF and the stage did do a lot of good for her look. Particularly her change of hairstyle. Patricia has embraced the Afro-kinky look and she mostly accessories this with cute printed headbands. The look widens her smile and brings emphasis to her facial features.

    1. Cece Sagini.

    Cece looks fierce, bold and fresh with the bob-cut hairstyle. Like wahu she accessorizes the hair cut by dyeing using different colors, which bring out her mood and personality. The hairstyle also brings out her gorgeous chic bones and glittering eyes.

    1. Lupita Nyongo.

    All Rosa Everything.

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    Lupita dared Hollywood by gracing it with the short hairstyle. This resulted in the style being her signature look. She is a true representation of embracing African beauty and this makes her stand out. Lupita can either cut it short- short or bring out a Bob cut with her short hair.

    1. Margaret Kenyatta.

    For a first lady, she can’t look any more flawless with the short hair. The look brings in her youthful side, her boldness and also her knowledge on fashion statements. Margaret Kenyatta has pushed the envelope in letting women her age know that you don’t have to suck yourself up in wigs and weaves, your natural hair can also be your pride.

    6. Joy Kendi

    The fashion blogger rocks the short blonde hairdo like nobody else! Joy Kendi accessorizes her short look and looks like a diva in every awesome pic she takes. 

    7. Mercy Myra

    #TGIF.. It’s gonna be a gorgously jazzy day coz God’s so ever constant. Happy FURAHIDAY folks..

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    The songstress with an amazing voice and figure completes our short hair queens list. From the 90’s she has kept true to her natural roots and always maintained a short do.

    8. STL

    Stella Mwangi is another rapper rocking the short hair look. Although many times in braids, once in a while she shows us how it is. We love it STL, show it off more!!  

    Always 💅🏽💋 #Queening👑 @vaakiafrika @buqisi_ruux 👠

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    Any short hair queens we have left out of the list? Tell us below.