Thirty four year old John Gitau Wairimu from the University of Alabama in Birmingham, USA is set to graduate with a Master’s degree in Nuclear Medicine Technology making him one of the only four people in the entire world to hold this degree.

This is the first Nuclear Medicine program at Master’s level in the USA.

Wairimu also holds a Bachelor’s degree in Public Health, epidemiology also from the University of Alabama.

“I feel privileged to have pursued my studies in this great world known university hospital.,” he said. “I feel ready and confident enough to go out there in the world and have an impact in someone’s life.”

Nuclear medicine radiologists, also called nuclear radiologists, are physicians who use radioactive materials, called radiopharmaceuticals, to diagnose and treat disease. They employ such techniques as scintigraphy, which uses radiopharmaceuticals to produce images of the body’s organs or to visualize certain diseases.

Lets see what he will do with this knowledge.

Congratulations to John Gitau.