Kenyan Students Invent Automatic Engine Locking System To Prevent Drunk Drivers

Drunk driving has become sort of a norm in our country and sadly lives have been lost in the process despite the efforts by the government to curb the menace.

It is this problem that has now led two students from Nairobi Technical Training Institute to come up with an invention that may actually save lives in the future if used. The students have invented an Automatic Engine Locking System that will prevent cars from starting or even moving if a driver is drunk.

The system uses sensors installed in the driver’s seat to detect on whether the driver is drunk. This life saver however does not come cheaply as one will have to part with a total amount of Ksh 30,000 plus the installation cost.

Check out the students explaining about it in the link below;

While this is a good invention, we can’t be sure how many car owners or drivers will be willing to install and use it.


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