A 39 year old woman is facing first degree computer crime charges after allegedly defrauding the University of Connecticut in Georgia, America.

Muthaini Nzuki who was naturalized to be a US citizen in 2010 is alleged to have ripped-off the Georgia-based university a whopping $773,079.35 (over Ksh 70 million).

Kenyan Woman Accused of Stealing 70M From University

Reports from UConn police reveal that Nzuki posed as a Dell Computers employee and opened a fake Dell account which she synced with the University’s account using the Dell tax Federal ID.

As a result, she diverted all Dell computer invoices to her bank account, which according to police reports was opened 32 separate times, NBC Connecticut reports.

After allegedly stealing from UConn, Nzuki, who enjoys the luxury of owning a US and Kenyan passport, is said to have taken off to Paris then Kenya before returning to Atlanta. The university, however, reported that no student or employee data was accessed during the raid.

The court has found her guilty and charged her with first degree larceny and first degree computer crime with a Ksh. 5 million bond. The court has scheduled another hearing on December 1, 2017.

Source: citizentv