Kenyans Cry ‘Tumechoka’ Ahead Of 2017 Elections

In expectation of Kenya’s elections next year, PAWA254, Sarabi, Mufasa, Juliani and MajiMaji come together to help Kenyans realize their power. “Tumechoka” translated enough is enough in Swahili, is an act of activism against the current state our country is in.

The video shows the story of a boy who chains himself on the rooftop of their house after his grandmothers land is grabbed by a ‘bigwig’. The emotional video shows how the power of one boy can change the society. In the end, they get back their title deed and the shackles are untied. PAWA254 says;

We are tired of the status quo; tired of the thieving political class. We elect them, we empower them and we have the power to bring about change but are we tired enough to do what is necessary to stop oppression and impunity?

Corruption in Kenya has affected us all as Kenyans, we must therefore decide we are tired (tumechoka) and think before we elect leaders in 2017.

The song has a blend of poetry, song and rap. The artistes play around with the lyrics (in English and Kiswahili) to help them fit in the melody.

Watch the video below and be inspired to stand for change.


Do you like the song? Tell us your thoughts below.

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