Kenya is a country that keeps amazing her citizens every wake of a new dawn. If it is not a corruption case then may be a brutal murder is happening somewhere behind closed doors.

As the fight against corruption continues, the Kenyan MPs are busy defending their house allowances not be revoked. The politicians are pocketing huge sum of money all in the name of salary, thanks to the newly added house allowances

               Breakdown of MP’s Allowances
Car Maintenance -365,525
Mortgage- 20 million
Medical allowance for their families
House allowance-250,000

The 416 MPs-349 in the National Assembly and 67 in the senate currently take sh 710,000 and a number of allowances, meaning each member gets a minimum of sh 1,378,000.

Majority of Kenyans have felt that they elected leaders who are power hungry and the reward they’ve got in return is rewarding themselves lucrative pays.

 The speaker of the National Assembly Hon. Muturi and The leader of the majority leader in parliament Hon Aden Duale have openly supported the house allowance. Hon.

Duale went ahead to say that the speaker has been given the house allowance for quite sometime and other leaders have been sidelined.

Lobby groups and SRC are on the receiving end as they are criticized by the leaders who have awarded themselves the house allowances.

The critics of the new move are planning to stage demonstrations across the country to oppose the move of MPs awarding themselves hefty pays.

Will the vision 2030 be realized if the ongoing trend keeps escalating, only time will tell…