Yesterday former Prime minister and Opposition Leader Raila Odinga and Kirinyaga governor Ann Waiguru finally had their handshake moment. This was quite unexpected to many Kenyans who for a long time watched the two disagree openly.

Raila was among the very first people to link Waiguru to the NYS scandal back in 2015 when she was the National Youth Service Cabinet secretary.

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Raila Odinga shaking hands with Ann Waiguru

Another unexpected event was her to drop her case against him for defamation which we all knew was not going to get anywhere but she ended up dropping it yesterday anyway.

The two came forth to say they had decided to bury the hatchet and that in connection to that case, they were going to let the courts handle the rest.

Now many Kenyans did not take that lightly and with many already filling like Raila no longer had their interests at heart like before, such a move only made the situation worse. A number of Twitter users didn’t seem to understand how Raila was now protecting a person considered to be one of the most corrupt in this country.

Many took to social media especially twitter to express their displeasure with the move and here are some of the reactions;