Kenyans have taken to various social media platforms to make fun of the new uniform for Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) customs officers.

Zambian new police uniform compared to Erick Omondi’s parody video costume
“We are not enemies of progress but allow me to point out an observation, it’s difficult to tell the difference between a Zambian Police officer and a Jewish Prisoners. You can do better, it’s never too late.”
Jewish prisoners during the world war.

The blue and yellow regalia has been linked to prison attire or pajamas, while others have gone a step further as to speculate on a large number of funds paid to procure the uniforms.

Kenya Police uniforms also recently got changed by the government which angered many Kenyans on social media but compared to the new Zambian Police uniforms, Kenyans have nothing but love for the new Kenya Police uniform.

the new Kenya Police uniform launched in late 2018

below are some of the reactions from selected social media pares:

  1. “Dear Zambian government.. Africa has many problems but police uniforms shdnt b one of them. What is your aim? This is the new uniform for Zambian police..maybe ppl are joking? Baneba basogola ka.. Malawi shd do a polka dot one.”

2. “Hehe wah! The Uniforms look like Pajamas, They again look like Prison Inmate clothes
Lord who Bewitched Africa? ”

3. “Just like Kenya, Zambia again is using taxpayers money to launch uniforms, someone must have Bewitched Africa and died.

4. “My English teacher got it wrong! Z for zebra? Z for