Kenya could have the most expensive election campaign per head in the world.  A report in Quartz Africa has estimated that the cost of putting on the election by the Government works out at around $25 per head – $480 million in total. It also estimated that it cost Rwanda $1 a head, and Uganda $4 a head to lay on elections while that of the UK General election cost about $4 a head.

A Pre-election Economic and Fiscal Report released last week shows that up to KSh 49.9 billion ($499 million) has been allocated for the election, with KSh 5.3 billion ($53 million) going to election-related security operations such as policing 23 counties that the intelligence service has identified as potential hotspots for election violence.

Kenya’s average cost for this year’s polls reflects an increase of more than half on the 2013 elections and is a quarter more expensive than in 2007.