A young Kenyan group on Indie developers is taking technology a notch higher, the gaming way. Mekan games is finally on the limelight after 3 months of development.

About Mekan Games

Mekan is a twisted Swahili word converted to English meaning “mimi-naweza” so “me-can” to Me-kan. Mekan Games is simply a team of game developers and animators from Nairobi, Kenya between the ages of 19 to 21. Having studied programming, they came together to design and make all types of animations from adverts to music videos. Wings of Fury is their first game to be officially launched on the 15th of October 2015.

Wings of Fury Gameplay

The vast deserts and thick forests are what make up your racing arena. Vicious air gunships make up your racing machines.


You have to go maneuvering through the hills and avoid crushing. Your opponents are all over and around. The defense mechanism is to shoot them with your gunships.


This is not just a race to the finish line; it is survival for the fittest. This is mid-air combat to the finish line. Blow up other air vessels on your way to the finish line to get a chance to unlock even better machines to be able to do the whole process over again with an added advantage of better weapons, better agility and certainly more thrill.


Earn respect from other racers to better your chances of beating them. One rule is vivid, Kill or be killed. Intense action is being brought to the palm of your hands. It is virtually a mind-blowing experience. Unheard of.


Are you ready for action? Many will play but few will survive .

Are you ready??

Wings of Fury is compatible with both Windows and Android operating system.

Download yours now! Let the games begin…

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