It is always a tradition in Kenyan Universities to have a party at every end of a semester. The hard units and numerous notes always cause so much stress to the normal student. Parties are held to blow off steam.

Last Friday Kenyatta University students held an end of semester party at Maxland club and it was one stand out party I have seen in a long time. There were ‘fireworks’ everywhere and to put it in a simple term, it was lit!

DJ Owen

The party started off to slow music provided for by DJ Owen who took the small gathering that had started to come into the club way back when music had content. The slow rhymes of 50 Cent in Window Shopper and the great Tupac Shakur took center stage in the throwback set that started off the party. I started having second thoughts on whether the party would live up to its hype.

DJ Nesh K from Kenyatta University took over close to midnight and started delivering some glimpses of what a campus party should be like. By then the club was almost full as students had finally started feeling the music. The best of Afro-pop was served by the DJ and it gave solid proof why Kenyans love Nigerian and South African music. The drum beats were dance-able and they sent almost all students to the dance floor.

Alcohol was on each table and an hour past midnight the ‘drunk’ spirit literally took over. DJ Sneep who was the main act of the party took over and served the best of LMFAO, Party rock. USIU, University of Nairobi and KU were the main Universities that filled the club. The best of house music was played and it made me realize that people could actually dance to this type of music! Sheesha was also being served on request though not many students asked for it.

Dj Sneep on the decks

DJ Sneep was on the decks for close to two hours and when he dropped the Hip hop set the crowd went wild. From the sing along to doing actual dabs to Migos’ tracks, the students showed they were conversant with the playlist.

At 4 am in the morning most students were asleep or completely wasted. DJ Owen was back on the decks to deliver the final set. The dance floor was now filled with lonely guys who had no courage of approaching any girl during the party. Their favorite type of music, Reggea was playing. Hands in the sky, face looking down, shouting on top of their lungs to the hit single Free Up by Busy Signal.

The party ended at 5 am with most students hustling for matatus to take them back to campus. Here are some photos from the event.

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