Yesterday, a memo was released by newly elected Kenyatta University Students Association President (KUSA), Were Were Sam addressing the lack of electricity for the last five days. He demands for the power issue to be handled by 24th November.

Read the full statement here:

On behalf of the comrades, I wish to register my utter dissatisfaction with the manner in which the electricity menace in the Eastern zone has been handled.For the last five days, comrades have not
been able to cook, study for exams and entertain themselves in their hostels. This depicts the
highest level of indolence and imbroglio our intelligent comrades have been subjected to.

The relevant department has shown imminent disregard, incompetence and insolence to comrades welfare. In that course, I have contacted the appropriate offices and reminded them that the students have suffered a great deal.

We demand the discontinuance of the outage and in this case, the crisis must be resolved by latest today, Tuesday the 24th November. 2015 4:00 pm. Failure to which, I will lead KUSA in addressing the comrades at the Eastern Zone at 5:00 pm on the next course of action.


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