Kenya Film Classification Board has banned an online game going by the name Blue Whale. The online game has been the center of attention this week as it is reportedly being played all over the world. Blue Whale is a game that is played online and targets the youth. The game has also brought with it a challenge that social media is calling The Blue Whale challenge.

KFCB has become the latest board to ban this game as it is also under investigation by police in Russia where it is believed to have originated. Ezekiel Mutua who is the chairperson of KFCB has also followed suite by placing a ban on the game. The game has already been reported by Global News, Canada to have been the cause of the deaths of 130 teenagers in Russia.

A tweet explaining the impact of this game

The Blue Whale game has been reported as a cause to recent suicides involving the youth. The game creators are said to find participants online and guide them through a 50 day challenge that takes over their minds. They are then led to download the application in order to fully participate in the game. This influence then leads one to commit suicide.

Ezekiel Mutua said this morning that they have already written to all social media platforms to ban the game and make it inaccessible to users especially children. He has also stressed that anyone found letting children play the game will be arrested while addressing the media in Watamu.