Social media can really derail you from your busy schedule and can even lead to depression when you do not know how to handle the attacks that come with social media.

The pressure that comes with being a celebrity is not an easy thing because you will have to learn how to deal with your haters and those people that love what you do.

So there is this guy on twitter identified as Aleckie and is not a happy person with rapper Khaligraph Jones reasons best known for him.

He took to twitter his frustrations to lash out on the Mazishi hit maker not knowing that King Khali would react to his tweet.

I hate this guy called khaligraph he is a pig.he wrote

When you hate, always keep in mind that there are die hard fans of the person you are hating on and well, Aleckie was attacked and here is what he had to add to hist statement:

he can only rap fast and maintain a flow hio too but bars na content hio ngombe @KHALIGRAPH . Hana kabisa yeye ni bure kabisa.

Here is what Khaligraph had to say:

Si upigie Matiangi basi gathee 😂

Aleckie had this to say:

Nigempigia simu lakini matiangi hana time ya small boys.

Check out some of the reactions from people:

Derrick :  Bana this adolescent is so emotional atapatana huku na watu savage atalia

Betty : omollo atakutolea diss track

Daniel: All the best na hio hate yako. Pambana nayo. Utalala tu na kesho utaamka na utamskiza kwa MA speaker. Kuja na Mbogi gathee.

Tobias: Wee shinda hapo na chuki nugu hiii Omolo is our hiphop hero whether you like it or not saitan