Khaligraph Jones’ new music “Wanjiru and Akinyi” is out and so is our review. The past months have seen Khaligraph come up with new singles ranging from Ting Badi Malo to Mazishi which are still fresh and doing well in the airwaves.

The new music video has that familiar Khaligraph fast-paced flow and lyrical expertise that the rapper has perfectly established.  The video is very well done with a dark background and of course a Wanjiru and an Akinyi, two chicks who play a sexy role the way that they should.


However, a first listen to the opening lyrics indicate that this is one of those songs where an artiste talks about haters and what not, a thing that music shouldn’t be about at this era, unless completely necessary.  In terms of lyrical content, this falls a bit short off the bar.

From a different angle though, it is a good stunt in executing the unifying role of bridging the gap between the ever controversial Kikuyu and Luo ladies; one has what the other hasn’t and vice versa. So about the choice of theme; big up Papa.

Musically it is a good track; the beats are so on point to the new hip hop genre with that smooth flow. And the gangsta that Khaligraph portrays comes out clearly. For a merry chilled out jam to listen to, this is it. It’s one of those music you listen to feel a bit hyped up for something, anything. Fair enough.

Rating: 6/10

What do you think of the video? Hit or miss? Share your thoughts below.