Khaligraph Jones has been the center of attraction in the Hip Hop scene in Kenya since he came into the limelight. The Kayole born rapper has taken the music scene in Kenya by storm and seems to be doing great at the moment given his recent collaboration with Tanzanian hit maker Christian Bella on the Olah track.

His beef with Kibera’s finest Octopizzo did help him to become one of the most respected rappers in the Country. His American accent has also brought in a lot of criticism but he has since embraced it and it has grown into his style. He has been interviewed on various radion and TV stations in Kenya and has maintained that the accent is part of his trademark.

Papa Jones has been the highlight of this weekend when he appeared on the Trend on Nation TV last Friday. Hosted by Ciru Muriuki standing in for Larry Madowo, Khaligraph was asked about his changing skin color. Jones went on to say that it was blessings as he was making enough money right now than when he begun. The lighting in the studio might have done some justice but he looked extremely lighter than we are used to. The dark skin on him seemed to have been changed making him look a little ‘lighter’.

Jones has been known to be hardcore and many have claimed that he is the true King of Hip hop in Kenya. There have been debates all over comparing him to other rappers and it has brought so much attention his way. This latest skin complexion seems to be working magic for him too. Pestered by Muriuki to reveal his secret on the change of his skin tone, Jones let it out. He claimed that his girlfriend and fellow rapper Cashy had introduced him to ‘scrubbing’. The explanation surprised many because it was the least expected move to come from the Julius Yego hit maker. I guess now we can call him Julius ‘Yellow’.