Kourtney Kardashian announced the news that the surrogate had gone into labour during a live appearance on Friday’s The Ellen Show. Later that day, Kim confirmed on Twitter that baby West had arrived.

She went on to say that he looks identical to her youngest daughter, Chicago.

Sources say Mom and Dad were at the hospital Thursday night with the surrogate. Don’t know for sure if they’ll be in the delivery room, but she was the last time around for the birth of Chicago.

The proud parents, Kim and Kanye hired a new surrogate to carry their fourth kid to term — not because they were dissatisfied with the last one … she was simply unavailable.

The woman — who was in her early 20s — had her own child this past December … less than 12 months after popping out baby Chicago. As a result … the couple had to go with another surrogate.

Kim and Kanye used a leftover embryo they created to bring this newest baby to life. He’ll join three siblings — NorthSaint and Chi — as the sixth member of the family.

As you know … Kim’s got a full plate. Aside from studying to become a lawyer and running of beauty empire, she’s dedicating much of her time to prison reform, helping first free Alice Marie Johnson and Matthew Charles. Just last week, she helped free a man given a life sentence.