Kim Kardashian To Replace ‘Cookie’ On Empire


This news will most likely be a huge shock to you but it is said that Kim Kardashian is set to replace Taraji P. Henson in Empire as Cookie according to

Kim Kardashian

The producers say that Kim will reach to a wider audience.

Terence Howard, who plays Luscious is unhappy with the change and threatens to leave the show if that happens.

Terrence Howard on the set of Empire as Luscious

They have a solution to that issue as well;

We will replace him with Kanye as well

Could this be?

The above news article went viral on social media is confirmed to be false.

There is no truth to this rumor. Witty Feed is a blogging platform that lets anyone create their own stories with little oversight. The rumor, for instance, was based on a fake news article that was published in July 2015 on the web site Read Talk Share.

Fox has made no announcements about replacing Henson with a new actress for the upcoming third season of Empire. In fact, Henson has been heavily featured in the show’s social media promotions:

So, no need to worry Empire fans, Cookie is still going to be on your screens.