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Kimeumana! Shocking Details Emerge About The Rot In The Gospel Industry

We are aware of the rot that happens in the music industry especially in the  secular industry and we are used to seeing claims of video vixens being used or even not paid after a job well done.

Artistes in the gospel industry should act as examples and live an exemplary life because their songs are meant to teach and inspire people but today, i have been chocked to read a painful story of the rot in the gospel industry.

Not so many people like talking about the issues affecting them inside and when one keeps the issue inside, it may lead to depression and that is why opening up to someone close is always advisable.

Social media influencer Xtian Dela, decided to come up with a platform where people could talk freely about their life experiences and things that have happened to them in their lives so that they do not feel left out.

He came up with a group on Telegram, one of social media platforms and called it Toboa. A platform that people would share their stories without getting judged.

There is this story that really shocked him and that is why he decide to bring it to the public knowledge.

The story is a bout two gospel artistes who lured a lady into bed and had a threesome leaving the lady at the risk of getting cervical cancer.

The identity of the gospel artiste’s together with the lady has been hidden because of security reasons and this is just an embarrassment to the gospel industry.

The story is a teaching to the ladies who want to be models or video vixens to any video for any musician whether a gospel artiste or not.

The story being too long, Xtian Dela could not post it all and so he asked those that would be interested to go to telegram and continue reading the story and in the long run, the names of the gospel artistes were revealed.

The artiste given the X name is Hope kid and the artiste with the Y name Dk Kwenye Beat

Check out what the lady posted:

I HAVE HAD ENOUGH WITH KENYAN GOSPEL ARTISTS!!! I started the #Toboa platform on Telegram for people to share their stories, for them to be free and express themselves anonymously without being judged. For them to talk and help them heal wounds that can only be healed by sharing what they have been through. For people to help others going through the same experience and let them know that they ain’t going through what they are going through alone.
Well, I just received this on my Telegram and it broke me into pieces. The pain and disgust I have for some Kenyan gospel artists right now can’t even be explained.
I have lived and dined with most of these Kenyan artists. It’s sad that I have seen some of the things they do and have never known how to deal with it. Like many people, I didn’t talk about it, I din’t know how to address it because they were my “Friends” and I didnt’ want to “Chomea” them. It got so bad at some point that I decided to distant myself from them! I ran away. I didn’t want to be associated with them.
There’s no point of you calling yourself a “GOSPEL ARTIST” and your actions and lifestyle is worse than the “SECULAR ARTIST”. It’s high time we called a spade a spade and not a Big Spoon!. I know I am going to get a lot of hate and rejection from them but at this point in life I really don’t care. I have a platform that can be used to make things right and I will milk it to the last drop!! Gospel artists need to respect themselves and respect people. This is not right any way you think about it! Gospel artists need to stop being Hypocrites! Stop hiding under the “GOSPEL” tag!! Stop this nonsense of doing gospel music just for the fame and fortune! There was a time gospel music in Kenya was at the top, nowadays I can’t even stand it. No content, No motivation, NO SPIRITUAL NOURISHMENT!!…You can’t even tell the different between a gospel song and a secular song if you watch their music videos on mute!!!! Gospel artist need to go down on their knees and repent! They need to pray for their industry. They need to start telling each other the truth…For crying out loud, they are meant to be the light in this dark world!!

Check out the stories shared by the lady:

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