It was all about fashion the passed week in Kisumu city.

The fashion week is a local platform that is greatly geared towards providing a platform for local players in the fashion industry and provides them with the opportunity to establish, network and grow their brands. The 4th Edition of this event took place at Tuffoam mall on the 10th of September.

The theme for this year was The Rise. This represents Africa rising; evidence that Africa has reclaimed its position on the global map through economy and culture. African fashion is taking over international platforms. Personalities and all trends African are globally competitive and attractive.

It was another year where great African passion for fashion, design and culture RE-emerged seeing various people show up for the event. We have a breakdown of the various looks on the red carpet:


This couple have their chemistry going but the looks, not so much. The guy’s look is mismatched and overwhelming. however the lady looks clash and comfortable.


I am always a fan of comfort and this look is cute and comfy. The white romper with blue details and the matching shoe are perfection.


Fun and fresh, the look is edgy and now. Love the hair.


He embodies the african theme of the event and didn’t look back. Good job!


The dress is a lovely however the fit, not so good. If the fit was better and perhaps shorter to as not to shorten her but elongate her. The simple gold accessories are cute tho!


Hmm.. The mix of the pink hair, red clutch and canary yellow dress just do not amuse me.


Not quite sure the look he was going for, but it doesn’t leave a very good taste in my mouth.


The lady in white looks classy while the other is … trashy. This is a red carpet , not an entrance to the club.


These two ladies were ready for the night, thats all I can say.


Simple, cute and fresh. the gold necklace and hair pulled back with the classic red lipstick is perfect for a red carpet event.

Always remember, no matter anybody’s opinion, dressing is an art, always have fun with it!

Pictures courtesy of house of Mayom.