Kitui Governor Hon. Charity Ngilu on fire for defending her community

Leadership calls for doing the reputable things. When it comes to governance you’ve got to keep your people on check. Some choices you make when responding to issues will either give you a credit or a blow.

For Kitui Governor Hon. Charity Ngilu her remarks seems to have landed on ears that had to react . She came openly to speak and advice her people on the neighboring community. Some have defended her move while others have decided to demand for her arrest.

She is one governor who beat odds to publicly confront charcoal burners who are evading trees in Kitui. She banned the act that also brought commotion concerning her decision. She is an iron lady that considers her move so much.

Summary of the environmental issues in Kitui.

1. Cutting down of trees.

2. Uncontrolled sand harvesting.

3. Human activity in South Kitui Game Reserve.

4. Loggers targeting indigenous species of trees.

5. Pollution by Kitui Industries Ltd. & sand harvesters.

Here’s the audio. What’s your view? Click the link and share your views.


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