The A-Z Of The Koffi Olomide Saga


Koffi Olomide popularly known for the song ‘Ekotite’,was caught on camera last Friday morning last week kicking one of his female dancers-Pamela.

In what appeared to be an act of violence, Kenyans took it to social media to unleash their fury on the brutal act as police men tried to calm him down.


When he was interviewed on Citizen TV by the lovely Lilian Muli, he came out saying that he was trying to protect the dancer from pickpockets,and a media person who was trying to get information about his wife-Cindy.

On that same night he was given twelve hours to leave the country, otherwise he would get deported and get arrested for questioning at the JKIA police station. He was to headline Saturday’s show at the Bomas of Kenya,which Kenyans said they would boycott and protest against him, as they insisted on getting refunds for the tickets they bought.
Word just in came that Nsana Jules(Koffi’s promoter) is in hospital fighting depression, as he counts his 5 Million losses on booking the venue and securing the hotel for the artist and his Le Quartier Band.Koffi has also been banned from Zambia following the same incident as they are against violence especially now during their election period.
Koffi Olomide’s promoter goes into depression and nearly collapsed
Koffi will be jailed for 18 months and has been scorned by his own people in Kinsasha after being booed at the airport upon arrival on Saturday. He even sent out an apology to his fans for his unscrupulous act which was aired on CNN recently.