KOT Attacks Red Cross After 824 Million Shillings Aid Appeal

Kenyans On Twitter have decided to attack The Kenya Red Cross after they appealed for Sh824.55 million on Thursday to help 3.4 million Kenyans affected by drought.

The #RedCrosstumechoka has been trending since morning with Kenyans claiming that they are a fraud.

Kenyans are now tired with the said contribution with some of them haveing been doing donations since some years back when there are disaster.

The Kenya Red Cross has failed to account for previous contributions that have been done in the past and this is according to someone on twitter.

Check out some of the reactions through the hashtag:

Victor: You can’t keep popping up pay bills and accounts like popcorns whenever there’s a disaster, yet you’ve failed to account for previous contributions. #KenyansForKenya is a scam meant to feed on the sympathy of Kenyans. But do you know what, we’re not stupid. #RedCrossTumechoka

Willis: I think that we need to be real with ourselves and hold people to account, I believe that it is critical to have alternative voices, courageous voices #RedCrossTumechoka and #KenyansForKenya simply shows that the public demand more than just rhetoric. It is time!

Osiany: When does Abbas Gullet plan to retire from Redcross and hand over the mantle to a younger person? What happened to mentorship and growing talent? While at it, what does a PR Company like Gina Din got to do with distributing food to hunger stricken areas? Jokes! #RedcrossTumechoka

Abraham: Mr @Abbas_Gullet @KenyaRedCross, What KENYANS are asking is accountability. All the monies we have been sending you should be accounted for and published publicly. Our government is able to take care of the situation. KENYANS are already oppressed with taxes #RedCrossTumechoka I made this tweet yesterday at 10pm. Thieves at @KenyaRedCross you have heard it loud and clear. We will be here telling it as it is. Meanwhile the dossier is getting ready. We are going to expose your corrupt ways without mercy. No Kenyan should send EVEN 1BOB #RedCrossTumechoka I’m told as Kenyans mount Resistance against @KenyaRedCross‘s Kenyans for Kenya thieving Campaign, @Abbas_Gullet is planning to announce fake figures of ‘contributions’ to make you think Kenyans are actually sending money just to counter #RedCrossTumechoka. I say we are woke!

Cyprian: Before donating to #KenyansForKenya. I just want you to know Red Cross fully owns. -E-Plus Ambulances -Boma Hotel -Switch TV Kenya Tuwache ushenzi these guys are making profits from Kenyans & still have the audacity to put up a paybill number. SHAME on you! #RedCrossTumechoka


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