The new NYS scandal in which an estimated amount of Ksh 10 billion of tax payers’ money has been looted has been all over the media for the last couple of days.

Investigations into the matter are still ongoing and it is disturbing to see how some of the looting was done openly. An example of such is the  case which has left many Kenyans angered and wondering how a lady managed to get a contract with the NYS yet she says her ‘company’ does not have an office and she supplied nothing. She was paid sh60, 000 million for the non-existent services.

While we appreciate the media for pointing that out, so far no media outlet has tried to put out some the bigger names like the NYS procurement officer or even the banks through which the money was laundered.

KOT did not appreciate that and they quickly decided to point that out. Here are some of the reactions we noted on twitter;