Kenyans today to woke up to some bad news of President Uhuru Kenyatta having signed the infamous Finance Bill 2018.

Many of us expected the president to at least hear the cries from most Kenyans and if not to also consider the controversy surrounding the bills passing by legislatures especially the claims of rigging.

The Bill which went through the national assembly yesterday had some recommendations from the president which he gave after he declined to sign the earlier suggested 16% VAT on petroleum. Following the Public’s outcry, the president suggested a 8% VAT instead but ended up giving other areas he thought taxation should be introduced.

Well with the current high cost of living, many Kenyans feel like the situation just got worse and most of them have been expressing their displeasure at the matter all over the media and social media as well.

Twitter is currently going crazy over the matter and here are some reactions I sampled;