sfsdgfdgWhen you kill a person, the mob will set you on fire. This is what #KOT did to Willis Raburu by roasting him for apparently killing the Total Man. Wait a minute? Where did Biwott go to? The guy had been too quiet until Raburu decided to resurrect him from his silence by ‘killing’ him. I guess my guy Raburu was referring to the death of Biwott’s political career but the 140 character limit in Twitter made him truncate his unwarranted announcement.  These reports were discarded by Biwott’s PA as false and Biwott was later seen on TV ‘totally’ healthy and alive. He also claimed that he would take legal action against the said rumour mongers (Will I be prosecuted if I Retweeted Raburu’s tweets? Just asking) The truth Meter reporter was roasted for his alleged “spreading of rumours” by the Twitter bigwigs/bullies blablabla. Below are some screenshots that will haunt Raburu’s week or maybe month- depends on his stress pacification.

raburu roast