Kris Senanu: USIU Alumni Building ICT Networks For The Youth

Kris Senanu is an industrious corporate personality who has risen so fast on the ladder to great success. As a lover of fashion, music and technology, he has managed to stay relevant for over 20 years since joining USIU as a student to working in the most competitive ICT industry via Swift Global, Access Kenya and Black Rock International, scooping various awards wherever he goes.
Here is his very inspirational life story ready to give you a taste of how and what it takes to walk in his shoes as a father and business tycoon as well as build lifetime networks to achieve his dreams and goals:

How many days are you into your new job. Can you tell us more about your new transition?

Twenty One Days.It has been a rough transition because I finished with Access Kenya on 29th July. I am the MD for Enterprise Division at Orange. It is a good job with its own challenges.

Kris Senanu2

Apart from two clubs and a West African restaurant,which other space are you intending to expand your entrepreneurship?

ICT like mobile applications,web applications and Agriculture.
Being a student and now on the Board in USIU, what changes have you made?What do you think of the state of Universities today? 
Universities are great places to build networks for the future.They help build confidence by speaking to classmates.Ill try to enhance student scholarships,work study programs and student loans. I will also enhance university input and student affairs, mentor-ship for skills needed in the Industry.
Kris Senanu5
What are you hoping to share on your career journey as a serial entrepreneur?
I believe that what the government bids to employ people, business savee for the youth, people can only create entrepreneurs,and setup businesses for themselves. 

What are you hoping to empower people who are coming to pitch to the Lion’s Den? What are your prospects?

Business Acumen-The applicants will get investments from me and others and become better people(empowering them).
What advice would you give to young entrepreneurs for the first time?
Do you market research well,understand your product service. Try and boot strap. Its always better when you build your company with the least funds. Research through your business ideas.
Kris Senanu3
In your opinion where do entrepreneurs go wrong like taking shortcuts,not being passionate enough and where do they go right?
Trying and failing is always right.Executing the idea is always important.Keep on having an idea.There’s no ready steady go.
Any last words?
Young people should be encouraged with entrepreneurship. Its hard to seek jobs,asking for mentorship. There’s no new idea. It is good,don’t sit on your ideas. Having good ideas and mentoring people is key.


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