The famed Kenyatta uni’s cultural festival that started on the first day of the month came to a close on Friday evening. The cultural week is an event that seeks to bring together the whole university community through cultural performances, education, inventions and innovations, music, dance, poetry and spoken word and ends with Mr. and Miss KU competitions.

The event provides students and staff with the opportunity to meet with the cream in the society including the alumni who have made it. The cultural week that was addressed by NCIC chairman Francis Ole Kaparo as the chief guest during the opening ceremony saw the likes of Sleepy David and Eric Omondi perform at the Bishop Square.

Crowd of Kenyatta University Students at Bishop Square
Crowd of Kenyatta University Students at Bishop Square

This year’s event was themed “Celebrating 25 years of Culture Convergence; Our Origin, Our Life, Our Legacy.” Aside from its core theme, it also aims at recruiting new talent. The co-curricular festival targets the university students, local and foreign participants, companies, entertainers and individuals to showcase their talents. The multi-faceted one week event looks incorporates acrobatics, visual arts, applied arts, comedy, cuisine, fashion, film, exhibition, dance, literature, music, theatre and sports.


The week provides an opportunity for the country to celebrate her cultural wealth, a representation through the small university society. It takes the audiences through a journey of cultures across the nation as well as internationally: an example is the Chinese performances that took place through its Conficus institute.

Mr and Miss Kenyatta university 2016/2017 – Mr Ronald Nyamwange and Miss Mary Mwihaki

Last week ended on high note performances of upcoming entertainers of the school and the Mr. and Miss KU pageantry that was much awaited.


Kenyatta uni has been consistent with this event that happens once every year. The school’s administration is also closely involved such that all the evening classes during the week were canceled.

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