It is the second ranked university in Kenya and the 37th in Africa situated along Thika super highway. Since the entrance of Prof.Olive Mugenda as the vice-chancellor, Kenyatta University has experienced recent development that has made even its occupants surprised. Let’s look at some of the recent developments:

Post-modern library.

Post Modern Library
Post Modern Library

It was one of the first developments by KU due to the increase in the number of students, before that there existed Moi library which was very small. The now called ‘ku post-modern library’ has five floors and a basement. It is well-equipped with all study materials including e-reading which are made available by the wireless network inside the library. This has also enabled students with laptops access the internet easily when in the library. Students only need to search for the books they want using the computer catalogue which gives direction of where each and every book is. The basement has been set aside for discussion groups apart from other discussion rooms upstairs. The library also has got study carrels and escalators which together with the elevators make movement inside the library easier. Computer centers are also situated in each floor. The library has also set aside study areas for subordinates and the lecturers. The security of the library has been ensured with the many emergency exits, CCTV’s and the uniformed security inside and at the door. The environment in and around the library is conducive for studying. I can say it was the best development and it has been regarded as one of the best libraries in Africa.

Onesmo Ole Moyoi lecture halls.

OML Lecture Halls
OML Lecture Halls

They are the best lecture halls in Kenyatta University, accommodating over 400 students at a time. The building has 2 floors with about 11 lecture halls. It is here that most classes are taken and the most preferred for exams due to the easy movement inside. Inside the lecture halls projectors are mounted to enable lecturers teach using their laptops. Also white boards are provided to prevent the dust from chalk boards. They are also conducive for private study.



Business, students’ service centre.


A very well thought idea which enables all business services to be conducted in one place including banking,restaurants,cyber café’s e.t.c.Some of the administration offices and lecture halls are also situated in this place. Mostly restaurants in this place deal with fast foods. It is also secured with uniformed security and also metal detectors at the gate.



Nyayo 5 and 6.

Due to the congestion in the available hostels, Nyayo 5 and 6 were built to ease the congestion and accommodate more students in school. The rooms are spacious with two students in each room. Inside there are also kitchenettes where students can cook their own food and also shelves where they store their utensils. The recent development in the hostels is the provision of mosquito nets to prevent malaria infection. The hostels also have got tuck shops within them where students can get fast foods.


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Students centre Annex.

It is the favorite spot for most students in ku and I can say it was a well thought idea by the school administration. This spot is much of a night club. Here students take refreshments, alcohol and cigarettes are also provided at this spot. With the good music that comes out from this place at the night, most students go there to ease the tension during learning. Functions are mostly organized at this place to entertain students. In short it is an entertainment spot.

Chandaria centre.

Just at the school gate of ku, you find this most recently finished building. It is at this place that students with great business minds give their ideas and they are nurtured and developed into reality. This place also provides application for attachment to students.

Am phi-theatre.

I believe it is the best theatre in Kenya which has housed many events, national and international; it has the ability to carry large groups of people.

Food outlets.

New Foot Outlets
New Foot Outlets

A number of food outlets have been built around the school to enable easy access of foodstuffs by students and also to reduce the congestion in the ‘mess.’





School of economics.

It has the largest structure and houses all offices in the school of economics. Lecture halls are also available in this school.

Other major developments which are still on construction are:

It is just in front of the post modern library and it is set to act as a watch tower of the whole school besides housing a few other offices.

New administration block.                                                                                                                                            

Also next to the gate will probably be done by the end of this year. It is set to house many administration offices including that of the vice chancellor and the KUSA.

Referral hospital.

This is under construction just behind Nyayo hostels. It is set to be the largest referral hospital around. It will be useful especially to medicine students and villagers around who will need medical attention. It will also provide jobs for medical students and the villagers.


It is the largest project under construction and it is set to look just like Nairobi city. It will contain shopping malls, night clubs and conference halls among other others.

Due to these developments Kenyatta University has climbed to higher ranks and has made the physical surrounding attractive which of course boosts morale of the students. The many developments some of which I have not mentioned for example students shuttle services, directorate complex e.t.c  has made ku to be on the road to becoming a world class university.

By Charles Osore