There has been tension in Kenyatta University the past few days over the impending relocation of students residing in Nyayo hostels. The students are to be relocated to give way to renovation of the hostels which are to be used to host the International Association of Athletics Federation (IAAF) players.

The institution is set to host the IAAF World Youth Championships (World Under18 Championships) set for 12th July 2017 to 16th July 2017. The school administration therefore offered the students monetary compensation to facilitate their transition from the school hostels to other hostels around the school, a move that hasn’t gone down well with the students.
The K.U students insist that the Ksh 12,000 stipend offered by the school administrations isn’t sufficient to sustain life in private hostels for the period they’re required to be out. This is in spite of being assured improvements to their living conditions among other things on return.

Comrades got up in protests over the intended move  and demanded at least Ksh30,000 compensation;and last night; set the Nyayo hostels ablaze and looted tuck shops among other atrocities. The extend of damage is still unclear.



The school administration views hosting the IAAF games as an opportunity to put the institution on the world map, in turn opening up Kenyatta University to more opportunities in the future.