KUSA will hold mass action tomorrow if HELB will not have released the attachment/ practicum money by Monday, today. We shall go lock those HELB offices and kick those staffs out since they ain’t helping us at all.
Am disappointed in that we submitted out list on 8/3/15 to HELB, a 72 page document, and only a handful in that list have received their monies, the rest have not. When we ask we are told our list is not there. I wonder who is playing the other fool. They are much of PR than serving comrades who are the stakeholders of the Board. Ringera and his team will be flushed out by comrades come Tuesday.
As the Students’ Union we are disgraced by HELB officials who seems not to work to the interests of the students. Since when have students chased for their loans, these officials are on slumber and comrades will awake them. I miss the Days of Governor Cheboi as CEO HELB, we never had such problems.

This statement was released by Stephen Mwadime, KUSA Secretary General (Cover photo).