KU Terrorist Scare Leaves Many Injured


University students still seem to be on edge after the Garissa University terrorist attack. First was Strathmore University then Moi University and now Kenyatta University.

The uni on the highway had a terrorist scare over Easter leaving a number of students and staff injured from trying to escape from the school. The commotion began in the library where there were two students arguing and fighting.

The screams involved in the process made the students think of possible attack. An alleged elevator jam was also said to alarm the students in the library.

Students began to jump off from the third and fourth floor causing even more commotion. Stacey Awuor, a student of the Kenyatta University said:

“This is not the first time there has been a terrorist scare in KU. Most students think that if there was an attack, it would be in the library because it is big enough to hold a large number of students at once,”

Despite the heightened security in campuses and other institutions in the country, students seem to have the worry of terrorist attacks in the back of their minds.