Have you ever looked back and thought of the things you did in the name of love? Whoa! You’re probably asking yourself what ‘madimoni’ had gotten over you. So Sauti Sol offer some sort of explanation in their latest craze, Lipala Dance as they sing, ‘…umenikalia chapati.’ This has set tongues wagging and solicited different reactions as to what ‘kukaliwa chapati’ actually means. I received varied opinions on what the phrase means, one stated that it is a concept whereby a woman who is madly in love or wants to subdue her man receives a love portion from the witchdoctor, prepares chapattis and sets them on her nether regions before serving the man. Others brushed it off as a mere euphemism for witchcraft. So if both opinions are true, could they be offering an explanation for the crazy stupid things you have done in the name of love?

Most guys have confessed to the feeling of being under a spell in the quest to pursue the woman of their dreams. Simply put, they can’t get the girl out of their heads; they would rather die than live without her. I have a pal who is constantly stalked by her ex, despite the fact that their relationship has been over for more than a year. Despite trying out new relationships and hooking up with other girls, he still finds himself calling out her name in his dreams and other night-bound activities. He has reached the point of obsession and cannot seem to resist the need to run back to her. My friend claims she is just an irritation away from filing a restraint order on him. Recently, he made some wild allegations that she had taken him to a witch doctor ‘umenikalia chapatti,’ he boldly claimed while threatening to return the favor.