LONEThe outspoken KU student leader finally breaks the ice on the banned students’ shuttles plying KU Main campus to Parklands Law School. Here is the open letter he posted to the comrades:

Dear Colleagues,
As you are aware, our colleagues from Parklands and City are undergoing difficulty in getting to
classes. The Services were terminated in December, 16th 2013. When I
returned to the country we discussed with the management and
they reversed the termination. I advised the leadership of those
two campuses to get me the names of students subscribing on 2nd
January, 2013. I was brought 238 Names from Parklands on 21st
January. I later got 46 Names from City Campus on 23rd January.
Since then I have held 7 meetings
with the VC, DVC Acad, Registrar
Acad, Registrar Research & Director
Student Affairs to resolve the
I can now confirm that we have a
number capable of raising 1.4
Million Shillings & that yesterday
the KUSA Executive Council
authorized the use of KUSA bus in
the morning and evening to help
with the one bus that will be hired.
The committee on Shuttle will meet
tomorrow to authorize Holiday Cars
and tours to be engaged.
I anticipate that a solution will be
found and that the shuttle may be
in operation by Thursday Morning.
I regeret that getting this solution
has been lengthy and tough, but I
have done what is within my ability
to have the shuttles back for the
two campuses.
As for Ruiru & other commuting
students we are exploring a more
permanent solution.
Thank you for your patience.

Lone Felix
KUSA President

by Slither Bee

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