KUSA Elections 2016/17 Results


The Kenyatta University elections happened on the 19th of October.

The results were met with celebrations from the winning parties in the wee hours of the night from the winning camp’s supporters.

Here are the total votes for the winners; (source: Facebook)

Gender. 6395 Berther

Deputy org sec 9103 Taiswa paul

Deputy S G. 4961 Lovemon

Secretary Gen .9685. Kebaso Mike

Deputy president 4404 Doreen Mwenda

President 10301 Samuel Were

Organizing sec 6125 Mutwiri Isaac

Finance. 7831 Mandungu

Academic sec. 8097 Kipsang’

Here’s the list of the new KUSA executive team;

Were Were- President.
Doreen Mwenda- Deputy President.
Mike Kebaso- Sec Gen.
Lovemon Dennis- Deputy Sec Gen.

Were Were takes a second term as KUSA President

Madungu Francis – Finance Sec.
Bertha Okech- Gender sec.
Wycliffe Kibor Kipsang- Academic Sec.
Paul Taiswa- Special needs.
Isaac Mutwiri- Organising sec.

Courtesy of kucomradesforum.com.