KU's president
KU’s president

KUSA president, Hon Lone Felix, has released a statement that criticizes the planned fee increment for public universities. He said this in a statement released this afternoon:


On 14th April, 2014, The Business Daily carried a story suggesting that there will be new University fees in public universities by September.

The story quoted Prof. Some, CEO Commission on University Education and also the Cabinet Secretary ministry of Education.

Today, 16th April, 2014, I held discussions with Professor Some who states that he never stated that there shall be new university fees.

According to the Law, the University Act 2012, the Mandate of reviewing school fees lies with a University Fund Board which has not been established yet. According to Prof. Some, he told the journalist that when the Board is established, then perhaps they could review the school fees, but that is their decision to make.

I have also spoken with the Journalist, Gerald Andae from Business Daily, who insists that he only quoted what the CEO stated.

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Even if the fund was established, they can only review University fees in consultation with the public Universities. The Vice Chancellors of public universities are unaware of this proposed review.

As Student Council leaders we are all in agreement that this cannot be allowed to stand. We shall meet today, under the Umbrella Body, Kenya University Students Organization (KUSO) to deliberate further on the matter and engage the ministry of Education.

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By @Slitherbee