DO’s and DON’Ts

I am pretty sure you read that title and thought: This article is just another cliche waiting to happen.Well, I hate disappointing people and so forgive me for what I’m about to share(the truth). Do pay close attention.

Newsflash! Ladies and gents do not know what they really want. What they think they want is just the derivative of an evolution of his or her exes. The thumbs up they got from their previous relationships. It does get worse…if the lad or lass in question is short of dating experience, what they look for is more or less the same as their failed relationship. Lucky for all of you, I’m here to help 🙂

Let’s start with the female race. We all know that age when boys became aware of dimorphism. They noticed how we developed differently and that then led to flirting and now we are here. So believe or not that first guy had an impact on your social life after, depending on your relationship and how/why you two broke up. Don’t worry;I can help you out of that fox hole. But you’ve got to be open-minded to change;

  1. Even though I agree looks play a huge role,don’t let that be your only criteria. No need of dating Brad Pitt and you’re always fighting about who is prettier. Compatibility is KEY!
  1. Don’t put money in the equation. You want a rich guy so that you can laze around? He will leave you within 3 months or less. If you click but he is not Donald Trump yet has the potential and will power. Stay! It’s called investing.
  1. Soaps will always exaggerate relationships. If they have poisoned you into looking for such a guy…good luck, do reach me if you even come close. Be realistic. Narrow your search to someone who will level or come close to leveling how much you put into that relationship. Look for someone who will hold your hand as you grow together, DO NOT LUST IT!! Unless you’re only out for a one night stand.
  1. Do not carry grudges of previous experiences or relationships forward as you start another relationship. It’s bad mojo. Like having a handkerchief full of mucus in your pocket. Throw it away!!!

Now on to the gents. You are visual beings, you cannot help yourselves. You also lose focus in a relationship fast. Well, I get that but do jot notes for the following;

1)    At least know her name and other important qualities about her before you start to mentally undress her.. If you don’t, your relationship will be purely sexual and very disastrous. Just for the record you will have to work twice as hard to get some… if she actually lets you that is.

2)    Don’t look for a stable partner if you are lazier than a baby who has just fed. Yes, show promise and not false ones. If you can’t… Stay single! ^_^

3)    Do not get into a relationship if you’re not willing to chip in as much as your partner.

Well…that’s all I could share for now.. Follow the instructions and salvage whatever relationship you do have left.

Thank me later 😉

By Stacey Nduta