Ladies Must Have’s For Valentines


With many terming 2016, as the year with big differences particularly in matters relationships, ladies in campus cannot wait for valentines’ day. But do they really know what makes a valentines’ day successful?

Here are some rosy hints.

  1. A DATE.

Valentines’ is never valentines’ if you don’t have a date. The other party is the only reason why you get excited. This is where you get to show your very best side on a single day, and maybe if you are lucky enough, the whole weekend. A date will surely compliment your attitude for the day and a reason to always look forward to the next valentines’ day.

Go get your Diamond!

Now a lot of yapping has always been made by ladies about the little black dress but for a classy lady who knows her style, the little red dress will help you steal the show on valentines. It’s sexy, sophisticated and communicates vibrance, romance plus sophistication. At least have one little red dress that hugs you right and your valentines’ will be unforgettable.


  1. A RIDE.

I know this might put most of the ladies off but we should recognize that valentines’ only comes ones. That one day where you wake up on top of the world. Therefore, ask your man, to at least get a taxi if he cannot hire a car or get his own. Matatu’s are the worst ideas on this day. Your look should be maintained from when you leave for the date to when you get back.

  1. THE PLAN ‘B’

Sticking to plan has always been a great mistake. It takes a whole month to plan for this special day and sometimes, your date might develop cold feet. Does this mean that you lock yourself in and sob the whole night long? Always have a plan B if A goes wrong you can still have the time of your life.


Do not be like Laura who was left with a humongous bill at Kempinski, always have a plan b on speed dial!


A lot of ladies depend solely on their dates to cater for everything on that day but if you are a wise one then you know better. He might treat you with the luxuries of a nice restraint with exquisite meals but he can’t afford to take you back to his or your own crib. Carry your own cash to be safe rather than sorry.

What are your plans this Valentines? Hit us up in the comment section below.