For the longest time ladies and sports have been rivals. Name the sport; basketball, football, baseball, golf, cricket, wrestling, winter Olympics, rallies. Why? You ask. It’s very simple. See, we are competing for attention for the same thing: Attention from men. Therefore, sports is but another competitor that need annihilation.

  • I hate sports, especially because they are organized. Your man will be more in touch with the line up than the awesome new lingerie you got lined up for him…smh. So just when you think it’s over, another tournament begins.
  • She’s untouchable. It’s easier to handle a fellow woman, because we can physically approach and deal with her. However, when it comes to sports…that bish is smart. Your guy will go M.I.A because he’s watching a game with the boys.
  • I’ve heard that men use sports as a criteria when searching to settle. This is ridiculous. I mean how. How?? *stammers*. It’s similar to appointing Collymore as cabinet secretary for information. I personally think women who are sport die hards can be distastefully aggressive. I’m just saying.
  • She’s loved. Men can actually admit to loving sports. He will faithfully follow the line ups or events if it’s local, he will commit to paying Dstv and electricity, he will go to the moon and back just for her. Do you know how hard it is to milk a man for cash? To make him commit? To convince him to at least leave the toilet seat down once he’s done with his business. It’s just sad!
  • She’s accessible and never asking for favors. I mean most pubs play sport channels. Cable TV has provided exclusively sport channels to make matters worse if it’s not a game it’s a documentary on some player or some team. *clueless*


It may be hard to believe but this is nothing but the truth. Best believe it… I’m out!